Anamai "Altar Coals"

Anamai 'Altar Coals'
Singer-songwriter Anna Mayberry (a.k.a. Anamai) may have released a new record only a month ago with her sludgy rock outfit, HSY, but it appears the musician is ready to go it alone, what with the upcoming release of her self-titled debut EP through Buzz Records. The three-song set doesn't drop until November 12, but while you wait, tide yourself over by listening to the premiere of album opener "Altar Coals" on

Written in Mayberry's studio apartment in Montreal and recorded with producer David Psutka, her first single finds Anamai delivers glittery synthesizers and muted guitars, creating a cavernous orchestra of pawn shop instrumentation and spiritual vocals that recalls the early '90s shoegaze of Britain's disenfranchised youth.

Check out the track in one of the players below and don't forget to catch Anamai live, as she plays in support of the EP with a pair of album release shows on November 15. Purchase the track here.

Tour dates:

11/15 Toronto, ON - Sonic Boom (Kensington Market location) @ 2 p.m.
11/15 Toronto, ON - Holy Oak Cafe @ 8:30 p.m. ^

^ with Ostrich Tuning and Hells