Anadivine Zoo

Anadivine almost manage to trick the listener into thinking that they’re not listening to an emo band. Through stunningly unique production and a mix that places a great deal of emphasis on the sound that surrounds the music itself, à la Sunny Day Real Estate’s Diary, Zoo manages to escape the confines of the "emo” tagline by working hard to be everything but. Great, memorable melodies exist within each song, but rarely are they repeated, as the structure used is more complex than usual ABABCB fare. The sonic experimentation that permeates tracks like "Alcohol and Oxygen” brushes up against some of the more standard tunes on the album, like the typical, but still very good, "Love, Lust, And Fake Integrity.” At their best when they sound like they’re playing in a genre all their own, Anadivine have a lot to give, and, as proven by their intensity and skill, a willingness to keep learning. (Militia Group)