Anadivine Anadivine

With the success of "progressive” emo bands like Coheed and Cambria, bands have begun relying less on lovelorn lyrics and are instead exploring interesting vocal arrangements and guitar harmonies. One band making this jump is Kingston, NY’s Anadivine. Between the beat-driven "Alcohol and Oxygen” or the captivating punky guitar work on "Emily,” there are some pretty poetic and interesting lyrics that are passionate without being cheesy. "Filling the Lungs (of this Dead Machine)” comes as somewhat of a surprise, the Lagwagon-esque pop punk tune stands out as one of the weaker tracks that doesn’t quite fit with the other brilliant rock songs on this album. Listening to the quiet Cave-In-like number "...The Refusal to Negotiate With...” should place Anadivine as frontrunners in the nouveau-emo genre. (Sidecho)