Amy Honey Amy Honey

One third of Victoria’s Clover Honey steps out for a solo record, where she strips down that band’s punk leanings for an early rock’n’roll approach more akin to mid-period Jonathan Richman. The Richman influence is most notable in her anything-goes approach to lyrics, which is more often than not her downfall, as on her ode to her roommates, "Welcome Home.” Melodically, this is much stronger than Clover Honey, and it’s much more fun, too, like the sci-fi beach party on "Time Machine.” Amy’s assembled some Victoria all stars: Carolyn Mark and her Roommates, ace bassist Keith Rose, Clay George and producer/everything guy Scott Henderson. Even more promising, however, is the concept of Red Cat Records, a label stemming from Vancouver’s new Canadian indie-centric record store, owned and operated by Ms. Honey. (Red Cat)