Amos The Transparent Amos The Transparent

Amos The Transparent is the debut album from the Ottawa-based septet of the same name and unlike what their moniker implies, there’s nothing about this folk/lullaby band that’s plain or otherwise conformist. The record features a handful of tracks that resonate with pop crystals, soothing tinkles and melancholy vocals, all coalescing into harmonic roots-based tales of self-betrayal and fruitful memories. Much of Amos the Transparent’s melodies are the product of Jonathan Chandler and from his resolute voice emerges hushed and feathery songs like "She Wasn’t Lying” and "I Knew I Shouldn’t Have Held My Breath.” But "After All, It’s Come To This” is probably the most addictive track on the record, thanks to the guest appearance of Amy Millan (Stars) and the girl/boy vocal conversations that float over peppy drums and encouraging keys. There’s a ton of zest and momentum in Amos The Transparent, as well as a degree of originality that keeps the listener hooked until the very last drop. (Pop Culture)