Amon Tobin Announces New Album 'Long Stories'

Listen to the record's "One Shy Morning"

BY Allie GregoryPublished Sep 27, 2019

Amon Tobin has announced yet another album to be released in 2019, which makes sense if you've been paying attention. The forthcoming record is called Long Stories, and it will arrive October 25 on the musician's own label Nomark.

Today, we have the lead single "One Shy Morning." You can listen to it down below.

"One Shy Morning" is a track of mystic quality — as is its cover art. To add to the mystery, Amon Tobin offered a bizarre description of the song, calling it "the sound of Margot Robbie riding a unicorn into the sun right before the world explodes and all that's left is a ghost of love." Quite an interesting image.

A great deal of Long Stories was apparently recorded on a singular instrument — a broken Omnichord. With those parameters Long Stories should at least make for something unique, if not experimental.

The Brazilian producer has been keeping busy this year. Just back in June he released a brand new album under his alias Only Child Tyrant, and in April he released Fear in a Handful of Dust as Amon Tobin after nearly eight years of silence. Both records were released through Nomark.

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