Amom Amarth The Avenger

They look like Entombed (circa ’93) with their frumpy clothes, greasy hair and spotty facial hair. There are even parts where they pay homage to the buzzsawin' days of the once-mighty ones ("Bleed for Ancient Gods," "The Last With Pagan Blood"), but there's a definite Hypocrisy influence in there ("North Sea Storm") alongside some of the frosty Scandinavian black ("God, His Son and Holy Whore"). However, despite the musical kaleidoscope of metal they throw down here, there is a glaring problem with Amon Amarth: the overall blandness and lack of excitement in, not only their songs, but Peter Tagtgren's sterile production job as well. While The Avenger is a step up from past monstrosities, it's still achingly average. (Metal Blade)