Amity Internecine

Once in a while a band comes out of nowhere, takes what’s already popular at the time and twists it around in such a fashion that suddenly it’s something quite different but still recognisable. Drawing slightly from the oh so popular pop emo movement but adding their own twish with old school rock and ambient guitar work, Amity’s new CD, Internecine, is a perfect example of this. Singer Joseph Sherman has a distinguishable voice that cuts with incredible melody but once in a while, lacks of enthusiasm. The guitarists, Javier Ramos and Evan Smith, both have a great guitar tone. The songs are all well structured and everything on the record flows between the verses, choruses and soft, artsy breakdowns. Speaking of Amity’s artsy side, they bear a strong similarity to Circa Survive, the Mars Volta and the Sound of Animals Fighting and should be checked out by any fans of said bands. (Negative Progression)