Ambarchi / Fennesz / Gough / Rehberg / Rowe Afternoon Tea

This release brings to light one of the most significant and groundbreaking works of abstract music mutation involving laptops and guitars. Black Truffle Records has not only released a beautiful remastering of the original tapes of this out-of-print classic, but has included unreleased and live material from the concerts that spawned the music over ten years ago. The fluidity and seamless flow of ideas are quite amazing to hear, as the digital precision of the three laptops deftly manipulated by Fennesz, Gough and Rehlberg matches and contrasts the hum and analog twitchiness of the guitars dissected by Ambarchi and Rowe. Glitch, hum, pulse and scrape sustain elegance and motion in these compositional improvisations, whether in the hush of the studio or the significantly grittier live tracks. This is a classic. (Black Truffle)