Altered by Mom "Fantastic Plans" (video)

Altered by Mom 'Fantastic Plans' (video)
Vancouver singer-guitarist Devon Lougheed has honed his chops as a member of Hey Ocean! and beekeeper, and he's now got a new project called Altered by Mom. It's under this name that he's premiering a video for the track "Fantastic Plans."

Altered by Mom's press materials refer to the project as being inspired by the "alternative rock boom of the '90s," and this retro sensibility can be heard in the track's simply strummed groove and catchy, distortion-boosted chorus.

The accompanying video clip uses a similar stunt as God Lives Underwater's "From Your Mouth" by showing a big plate of spaghetti getting devoured in reverse. In the background, we see black and white footage of Altered by Mom performing the song on stage.