Altered By Mom "Body Feels Weird" (video)

Altered By Mom 'Body Feels Weird' (video)
Hey Ocean!'s Devon Lougheed debuted his new group Altered By Mom last year with a video for "Fantastic Plans," and now they're back with another clip for a track called "Body Feels Weird."
Reviving the buzzing, melodic vibes of '90s Can-rock, the band's latest cut is a nostalgic, foot-tapping rocker. The track gets paired with a video that sees Lougheed trying to charm a lucky lady with a bundle of red roses as he wanders down an alley. A press release explains that he "collects and protects roses from past loves on his long journey down a single alley towards possible true love."

There's also footage of the band jamming in the garage, providing the backing ode to weird bodily feelings and awkward, romantically inclined adrenaline.
Watch Exclaim!'s exclusive video premiere of "Body Feels Weird" in the player below, and be sure to catch Altered By Mom live at the Great Hall in Toronto on December 18.