Allie X "Bitch" (video)

Allie X 'Bitch' (video)
Not to be confused with the iconic '90s hit by Meredith Brooks, Allie X has unveiled a video for her new single "Bitch."

The song is darkly blippy synth-pop number. It begins with spooky drama before becoming crunchy and danceable. The accompanying video, meanwhile, takes us on a rather mundane trip around that supermarket that is snazzed up with some retro animations, hazy blurriness and static-soaked visual effects. Watch it below.

This video is branded "Xhibit I," and it's meant to pave the way for an audience-participation art series in which Allie X will share fan-made images, remixes, videos, GIFs, and other content inspired by the track.

The L.A.-based singer (who used to live in Toronto) said in a statement, "Become an #Xhibitionist by publicly #Xposing the parts of yourself  that are normally kept hidden. Create a video, image, GIF or remix inspired by BITCH and tag it #bitchXart, and I will put it in the #Xhibit."