All Signs Point to Flaming Lips Releasing New 'Oczy Mlody' Album

All Signs Point to Flaming Lips Releasing New 'Oczy Mlody' Album
It's looking like Flaming Lips fans may soon get a fix of their favourite band beyond the pages of X-Men '92, with the long-running alt-psych project currently teasing the upcoming release of their next album.

While there's been a digital trail suggesting as much over the last little while, the clearest indicator that the first proper Lips full-length since 2013's The Terror is almost here comes via the Instagram account of visual collaborator George Salisbury, who has long worked with the band on album covers, music videos, live projections and more.

Using the app's new "story" feature, he uploaded a video captioned "gettin' close," which shows off some neon artwork and a list of five files that are all tagged "The Flaming Lips – Oczy Mlody."

Flaming Lips fansite the Future Heart has done some sleuthing, reporting that "Oczy Mlody" is Polish for "Eyes of the Young," and is also a phrase that Lips leader Wayne Coyne has been using lately as a hashtag on Instagram. It's being suggested that "Oczy Mlody" will be the name of the new album.

Puttin @mileycyrus through the green oscilloscope machine... #theflaminglips #flaminglips #oczymlody

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Coyne's second post teases the album's artwork, which he'd done earlier in the year as well. In June, he uploaded what's presumed to be the back cover. While, as you'll see down below, the titles are squiggly and barely legible, it appears as if "Oczy Mlody" is the first track on the LP.

Also notable are that titles appear to also include "One Night While Hunting for Fairies and Witches and Wizards to Kill," a song the act had teased with an in-studio video, and previously hinted-at numbers "Listening to the Frogs with Demon Eyes" and "Galaxy Sink."

Furthermore, it's pointed out that the group's Steven Drozd had recently included the "Oczy Mlody" phrase in his Instagram profile, but it's since been removed.

While neither the due date nor the album details have been confirmed by the band, the big takeaway here is that the new Flaming Lips record is, in fact, coming soon.