All Else Failed Good Enough for the Girls We Roll With

Of all the metalcore bands of today with names that sound the same, All Else Failed are, well, in the top four. Not to be confused with the superior deathcore of All Shall Perish, the polished heavy/melodic soars of All That Remains, or the album from Christian metalcore pioneers Zao called All Else Failed, this hilariously titled disc is not a new album, so don’t let the deceptive looking packaging throw you. However, it is a testimony to this band’s strength that a collection of old tracks holds its own against today’s standards. Unfortunately and predictably, the disc is too long and the oldest material sounds weakest, especially when compared to the newer material, including the three brand new songs. Vocalist Luke Muir is what sets this band apart, sounding sincere as hell as he screams and awkwardly croons his way through the tunes. He can’t sing, but tries anyway, and that sounds a lot better than the polished, clean choruses we’ve become accustomed to in this genre. Hilarious liner notes help ease the pain of the lesser material: "I have no excuse for this one,” says Muir of one of the demo tracks included. This disc serves as a good reminder that these guys rock (thankfully, because I had totally forgotten about them), but it’s not essential. Pick up their last full-length instead. (Thorp!)