Alkaline Trio Reveal Their Addiction

Alkaline Trio Reveal Their <i>Addiction</i>
We reported back in November that Illinois weirdo goth punks Alkaline Trio were joining forces with underground mainstay Epitaph Records to create Heart & Skull Records, on which the band were to release their next album. Well, time for those with black nail polish, black lights and black wallpaper to crack a smile: a release date has just been announced for said record.

Dubbed Addiction, the band's new album will come out on February 23. The disc was once again recorded by Matt Allison at Atlas Studios in Chicago and apparently "finds the Trio revisiting their punk roots while moving forward creatively."

The album will be available in several different formats (CD, CD/DVD, gatefold LP) and Epitaph will be selling signed editions, as well as rare vinyl and collector's bundles, all of which will come with a standard digital download or a deluxe digital download. Head here to pre-order the album. And to get a taste of the record right now, click here for the chance to stream the first single, "This Addiction," in exchange for a Twitter or Facebook posting. The single is also available for sale at iTunes and other digital outlets.

The band will be hitting Toronto on their upcoming North American tour with Cursive, playing at the Phoenix Concert Theatre on March 6. For a complete list of dates, click here

This Addiction:

1. "This Addiction"
2. "Dine, Dine My Darling"
3. "Lead Poisoning"
4. "Dead On the Floor"
5. "The American Scream"
6. "Off The Map"
7. "Draculina"
8. "Eating Me Alive"
9. "Piss And Vinegar"
10. "Dorothy"
11. "Fine"