Alice Russell Under the Munka Moon II

This incredible talent has rounded up some more remixes and new goodies to create a sequel to her fantastic debut of sorts, which was also made up of previously released material. This time around the numbers on this second Munka Moon aren’t quite as nice as past tunes, and that mainly has to do with the fact that Alice’s banging soul is washed out through hyper electronic remixing from the likes of Bugz in the Attic and Nu:Tone. Thankfully these two cuts are stuck at the very end and the bulk of this compilation contains some really nice soulful jazz and a rather incredible slow funk jam called "Don’t You Worry,” a new cut with Unforscene. Alice’s cover of the White Stripes that garnered her much attention makes another appearance as her collaboration with Nostalgia 77 for "Seven Nation Army” still has some kick to it as Alice manages to out shout Jack White. There are also great moments that fans of Alice will enjoy such as Bonobo and DJ Vadim remixes, but Munka Moon II isn’t quite as strong as the first retrospective making it a somewhat misleading introduction to this sensational voice for those just tuning in. (Tru Thoughts)