Alice in Chains Dig Up 'Dirt' for Massive 30th Anniversary Reissue

The album comes back to vinyl for the first time in years with remastered audio

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Aug 12, 2022

Alice in Chains made their indelible mark on rock music with 1992's Dirt, and the Seattle outfit have announced plans to reissue their acclaimed sophomore album to mark its 30th anniversary.

The Platinum-certified Dirt — which features AIC catalogue staples like "Rooster," "Them Bones," "Would?" and "Down in a Hole" — will be reissued this fall in a variety of formats, with an incredibly detailed deluxe box set leading the way. That edition is expected to begin shipping in October, while standalone 2-LP editions will arrive September 23.

Limited to 3000 units, the Dirt deluxe box features the original, remastered album as an orange 2-LP set — the first time the album has been released in the double-disc format.

The album's five singles are included on coloured 7-inch vinyl, with the box also packing in four show posters, a 24-inch square poster, four reimagined Dirt album art prints, a hardcover book with previously unseen photos, replica tour laminate, CD with remastered audio, and a custom-sculpted Dirt woman that can be used to decoratively top your turntable spindle, or to create your own cover designs through controlling the metal shavings that fill the box lid via figurine's embedded magnet.

The Dirt deluxe box is available for purchase via the band's official website, where they also have a set of Dirt-era Funko Pop! figurines for sale, if you're of a different vinyl persuasion.

Alice in Chains gave a similar big box treatment to their debut LP Facelift back in 2020. The band are currently touring the US alongside Bush and Breaking Benjamin.

Alice in Chains released sixth studio LP Rainier Fog in 2018. Guitarist Jerry Cantrell released third solo album Brighten last year.

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