Alghazanth Wreath of Thevetat

I’ll never understand why some black metal acts have to take themselves so seriously. When members of a band have names like Goat Tormentor, even the grimmest metal heads have got to smirk a little bit. Goat Tormentor (bass) and the rest of his Alghazanth mates are from Finland, a land better known for the powerful and harmonious instead of the cold and frostbitten, and play black metal in the vein of early Emperor. Funny names and face paint aside, this is actually a damn decent black metal release. All of the songs incorporate enough of an epic feel to catch the ear of any fan of mid-’90s black metal. Luckily, the production strays to the more modern and comprehensible when compared to releases of genre stalwarts such as Mayhem. Wreath of Thevetat doesn’t push the boundaries too far in terms of songwriting but it remains a great listen for any fan of black metal, or for those curious about exploring the genre but can’t figure out why they can’t hear the vocals on In the Nightside Eclipse. (Woodcut)