Alexis O'Hara In Abdulia

In Abdulia is an ideal example of being panic-stricken whilst coming off of a bad drug binge (insert evil toxicant here) and trying to distract oneself from the experience by being babysat by television. During this activity, one may experience schizophrenic-type symptoms, like being phased by random and nonsensical projections from the television and having them repeat in the victim's head. Hence this CD is full of those mechanical/concrete-damaged moments, from hospital-esque ramblings, nondescript electronic voices and frightful poetry that one unwittingly applies to oneself in a paranoid fashion and so forth. This is as close as you can get to experiencing the music of the Residents, but possibly without receiving irreversible brain damage. This is definitely guaranteed to raise your metabolic rates. (Grenadine)