Alex Porat Shares Topsy-Turvy Dance Video for "dimension"

Hear the latest from the Toronto pop artist
Alex Porat Shares Topsy-Turvy Dance Video for 'dimension'
Rising Toronto pop artist Alex Porat has shared a video directed by long-time collaborator Iris Kim for her new single, "dimension." Porat's most danceable song yet follows the 2020 EP bad at breakups and previous single "girlfriend."

Porat lives out her childhood song-and-dance dream, performing TikTok-ready choreography as she toggles between cotton-candy clouds and a red-hued haze of spikes. And of course, there are matching outfits for each dimension. Porat's breathy vocals over warbling synths and a four-on-the-floor make her split-reality seem like a pretty enticing plane of existence.

Porat said in a statement, "'dimension' is about being tormented by the idea of wanting someone you can't have. No matter how hard you try to get this person out of your head, you just can't seem to get rid of them. This song is an acceptance speech acknowledging that some relationships aren't meant to be, but imagining a world where it could work out."

Watch the video for "dimension" below.