Alessandro Alessandroni's Elusive 'Open Air Parade' Unearthed by Sonor Music Editions

It's also lined up reissues of Giancarlo Gazzani and Filippo Trecca
Alessandro Alessandroni's Elusive 'Open Air Parade' Unearthed by Sonor Music Editions
This year is proving to be a great one for followers of late Italian maestro Alessandro Alessandroni. We've already been gifted with reissues of his lost-and-found library classics Spontaneous, A Trip Around the World and Prisma Sonoro in 2019, and now Sonor Music Editions has revealed the label will be giving us the highly sought-after Open Air Parade.

So far, the exact release details are vague, but Sonor made the announcement of the upcoming vinyl reissue this afternoon:

Made alongside Giovanni Tommaso, Alessandroni's Open Air Parade originally arrived in 1972 via the legendary SR Records imprint. These days, a copy will cost you at least four figures — if you can even find one.

While we await further details of Open Air Parade, Sonor has another pair of uncovered Italian treasures headed our way.

First up is Giancarlo Gazzani's impossibly rare soundtrack to Seduzione Coniugale. The OST came alongside Daniele Franco's 1974 film and was originally issued by the CAM label as only a two-track 7-inch.

Sonor has now dug up the recordings and restored the tracks as a full-length album release. The label describes Seduzione Coniugale like this:

Maestro and orchestra director Giancarlo Gazzani, the great musician and arranger behind several Italian grails like Feelings and more killer Library recordings from Costanza Records, composed an enchanting and unmissable OST with loads of refined Morricone-esque orchestral arrangements, insane groovy beats and Nuova Consonanza-inspired avant-garde music. The whole soundtrack is great with a huge strings orchestra that swings between sweet and flirtatious bossa nova themes and mental sounding experimentation with a driving drums kit.

In addition to Seduzione Coniugale, Sonor will issue a 12-inch EP by Filippo Trecca. His cult-classic Col Fiato in Gola will come back to wax after originally arriving back in 1978. The release originally came for the Giallo TV miniseries Diario Di Giudice by Dante Troisi, and over the years, it has been sampled countless times.

As Sonor explains, "This track represents a true holy grail for Italian TV-soundtracks music lovers and DJs with a totally mental downtempo hip-hop beat played in a heavy funk key with just everything you could dream about: sleazy and punishing drum patterns / huge and ceaseless string cuts / heavy Giallo orchestration / meandering flutes / groovy and totally killer mood."

Both the Gazzani and Trecca releases will arrive via Sonor on September 30 and be limited to 500 vinyl copies each. For now, you can pre-order both releases and sample them below.