Ennio Morricone's Lost Score for Lucio Fulci's 'I Due Evasi Di Sing Sing' Finally Unearthed

It will arrive alongside another Alessandro Alessandroni reissue via Sonor Music Editions

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Dec 17, 2020

With the death of Ennio Morricone this summer, 2020 was a sad year for fans of the legendary Italian film composer. To help ease that pain, though, some of the late maestro's most elusive works have luckily been unearthed in recent months, and this will continue next year, when we'll finally get the first-ever proper release of his lost 1964 score I Due Evasi Di Sing Sing.

Sonor Music Editions has announced it's unearthed Morricone's score to the film directed by the beloved Lucio Fulci, and the label will release the album early next year on January 19.

As Sonor explains, I Due Evasi Di Sing Sing only ever arrived on a promo-only library release in the late '60s with different titles, making Morricone's score essentially impossible to find over the years. However, Sonor was able to dig up the original mono master tapes, and the label will now be able to finally present the the original soundtrack, in addition to a pair of bonus tracks from the original sessions.

Sonor head Lorenzo Fabrizi produced the reissue, in collaboration of Claudio Fuiano and Daniel Winkler. And as you can hear via a few track samples below, I Due Evasi Di Sing Sing captures Morricone in a very bossa nova/crime jazz mode in the best way possible.

In addition to the Morricone release, Sonor will also be reissuing another great Alessandro Alessandroni album. This time it will another of the late maestro's esteemed "Butterfly" albums, Alessandro Alessandroni E Il Suo Complesso, which originally arrived as only a few hundred copies on the cult Sermi imprint in 1968.

While the album was reissued once back in 2005, it has been out of print for ages — something that will finally change when it arrives as a new Sonor pressing, also on January 19.

Here's how Sonor describes Alessandroni's album:

The seminal debut album realized by the legendary Italian maestro, featuring bewitching scat vocals by his wife Giulia De Mutiis (a.k.a. Kema), that truly started the Italian Library production golden era that would culminate in mid-'80s. A true landmark of the genre and an Italian discography jewel that spaces among the best Jazz, Bossa Nova and Lounge music; undoubtedly a desirable item of world's record collecting field. Obsessive Jazz suites, enchanting scats over mind-blowing Bossa tunes, bouncy break-beats drums, groovy Pop and refined loungy atmospheres over some soft Psichedelia arrangements. An essential Italian Library masterpiece!

Down below, you can also hear samples from Alessandro Alessandroni E Il Suo Compless.

Morriocone's I Due Evasi Di Sing Sing can be pre-ordered now, and it will be limited to 500 copies on 180-gram vinyl. Alessandro Alessandroni E Il Suo Complesso is also available to pre-order, and 750 vinyl copies will be pressed.

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