Alchemist Austral Alien

These Australians are pushing boundaries far beyond what most people would even call metal, and it's a wonderful experience. They're the modern day heavy version of Pink Floyd, just a swirling, tripping experience that alternates between melodic melancholy and aggressive attacks. They've toned down on the hysterical speedy parts that made the songs fail a bit in the past, making Austral Alien the band's most mature and focused work yet. It's so hard to pigeonhole this band, but try to imagine being caught in a pleasant tornado, being tossed around with all the dust and grass, being propelled forward constantly and naturally, with sound echoing all around you. Add a soundtrack released by Relapse, and you get the idea. But this is no smoked-out session of apathy, this is an album of 11 songs that are all powerfully delivered, with the band subtly pushing their refreshing message of environmental issues through their lyrics. (Relapse)