Akroid Distress EP

Since the demise of Arkata and more recently, Cursed, the top spot in the Toronto hardcore scene has been up for grabs, and very few have stepped up to the plate. Fortunately, there has been a recent explosion of quality acts in the GTA, not the least of which are power trio Akroid, who have been grinding their quirky, noise rock-inspired axes for a few years. Similar in tone to Young Widows and to a lesser extent Today is the Day, Akroid play hardcore with uncomfortable, tense songwriting and an off-kilter yet strangely funky rhythm section. Bratty, unconventional vocals flip the Blood Brothers’ warble-y howling into something solid and powerful, while the oddly timed grooves and undeniably addictive riffage work the eardrums strangely yet powerfully. Those accustomed to a more metal-ish approach to their hardcore may find this a little bugged out for their liking but anyone taking such a viewpoint on Akroid would be missing out on some tight, memorable noisecore, which takes some time to adjust to and absorb despite its deceptive simplicity. One of the shining beacons in Canadian heavy music, only exposure and promotion stand between these guys and a place among the acclaimed elite. (Independent)