Akinyele Anakonda a.k.a. Benny Ill

Queens MC Akinyele has always used his penchant for gimmicks to garner attention. Back in 1990, on Main Source's "Live at the BBQ" posse cut, he drew attention to himself by significantly lowering his voice on the last word of every line. However, when he finally released his Large Professor-produced full-length, Vagina Diner, the only attention he received was from a female journalist disgusted with his flippant approach to domestic violence. Possibly egged on by this response, he issued the foul yet decidedly catchy "Put It In Your Mouth" (whose sample was recently cleverly reworked by India Arie for her single "Video"). The new millennium finds Ak trying to push the sexual content further, but to be honest he's exhausted every avenue. Undoubtedly the intention was to shock, but the mediocre skills and pedestrian beats instead induce rolling of the eyes. Ak needs a new gimmick fast. (Koch)