Aki Takase / Silke Eberhard Ornette Coleman Anthology

Over the years, Coleman’s compositions have received many readings, none more committed, self-searching or inventive than those contained on this double CD. Berlin-based pianist Aki Takase has produced 32 arrangements of the harmolodic maestro’s 1958 to ’68 period works that don’t seek to be definitive versions. Rather, Takase and reedist Silke Eberhard have chosen to interpret the tunes in ways that are true to their own personalities/hearts as co-creators with Ornette. The result is an encyclopaedic spectrum of approaches, from the delicate, haunting "Lonely Woman” to the unexpected stride/plonking of "Turnaround” and the prepared piano marching crunch of "Focus on Sanity.” And these ladies can by turns sing, burn and skronk with conviction, passion and certainty that comes only from dedicated hard work. This record features terrific playing on thought-provoking interpretations of tunes we only thought we knew. (Intakt)