Age of Silence Acceleration

Age of Silence is a Norwegian "super-group” featuring Lazare (Borknagar, Solefald), Eikind (Khold, Tulus), Hellhammer (Mayhem, etc.), Andy Winter (Winds), and guitarists Extant and Kobbergaard. Lazare’s layered vocals give Acceleration a strong Solefald feel on the surface, but underneath the experimentation takes a different path. Progressive in some senses (and rife with keyboard parts) and avant-garde in others, the songs often dance around the edge of chaos, spending the time in between slipping back into a web of firm but complex structures. Though many of the tracks have limited individual lives, they interconnect as shorter movements within the larger framework of the complete record. As might be anticipated from the members’ backgrounds, Acceleration’s lyrical matter pursues a somewhat surreal philosophical course in its study of modern life, words and music achieving an uncanny synthesis of atmosphere. (The End)