Age Of Ruin The Tides of Tragedy

Pensive, quiet strumming clad with keyboards is quickly fragmented by pounding distortion and is sewn into a middlecore of the finest quality. Chugs are buttoned with melodic squeals or beguiling tags intended to emulate the Euro vibe into a trademarked, fashioncore, screamotional opus. The record itself is well produced and the songwriting is far from amateur but it doesn’t come any more Wal-Mart than this. Keeping en vogue, screams are frequently accessorised with dramatic clean vocals designed to cloak an element of mainstream recognition onto their detailed mosh outfit. They fit nicely into the cookie cutter, In Flames leeching, easy metal that Killswitch Engage and Shadows Fall are currently dominating the airwaves with. The mandatory acoustic song and ballad-driven choruses are worn on a body of a bulimic breakdowns and whining riffs. It’s easy listening for easy minds and just another plain, black t-shirt. (Eulogy)