Afro-Kyou Seeking The Truth

Toronto’s ever-expanding experimental Latin musical circle has recently seen a lot of new faces, many homegrown and several recent new Canadians who have come to nourish their talents and create new and exciting music for the entire world. This influx of cultural mingling and rhythmic parlaying has created many very exciting projects including Afro-Kyou (aka Juan Carlos Medrano). Medrano, an award-winning gaitero from Cartagena, Colombia, first arrived in Toronto with Afro-Colombian group Wayove. Now under the name Afro-Kyou, Medrano has created one of the most powerful roots fusion albums of the year. Mixing traditional Afro-Colombia rhythms and instruments with modern electronic beats, he’s created a unique experience. Produced by Juan Carlos Valencia (Plan C), Seeking the Truth takes the structure of classic folkloric Colombian music and remixes it for a contemporary audience. With Medrano programming beats, playing gaita and singing, Seeking the Truth is a startling debut that holds its own next to such artists as Richard Blair and Sidestepper, but is far more original. Instead of a tourist travelling to a far off destination to capture authentic sounds, the authentic sound came here to find its voice. (Afro-Kyou)