Aficionado When It Comes To Creation

Upon first impression, Albany, NY-based Aficionado conjure visions of a Polyphonic Spree with a post-punk twist. This seven-piece ensemble have instrumentation you wouldn't typically see in a punk band, with furious piano lines, floating flute leads and trumpet stabs rounding out the experimental line-up. After a few listens, it becomes clear they borrow more from Tim Kasher than Tim DeLaughter; their songs are angular and angsty while still remaining palatable. On this debut, the Aficionado don't hesitate to bend the rules of their genre. Extended instrumental prog-rock bridges throw the listener a curveball ("Naysayers"), while vocalist Nick Warchol occasionally strays from his Cedric Bixler-Zavala impression to throw in an art-school perversion of the spoken-word hardcore monologue. The avant-garde tendencies make When It Comes To Creation an interesting listen, however, at the core of this debut their songwriting is somewhat lacking. The songs simply don't stick with the listener; there are some memorable moments on the record, but the music isn't instantly addictive. This criticism isn't a deal-breaker ― this promising, talented band are relatively new and their willingness to experiment and innovate will only improve their chances at achieving a musical career with longevity. (No Sleep)