Aesop Rock "ZZZ Top" (video)

Aesop Rock 'ZZZ Top' (video)
Just in case you didn't get your hip-hop-meets-kung-fu fill yesterday (June 28) when RZA premiered the trailer for his The Man With Iron Fists flick, Rhymesayers vet Aesop Rock has now delivered a short film for his new Skelethon single "ZZZ Top" that's chock full of break beats and punch-and-kick action.

The clip kicks off with Aesop dropping off his pal Patti Li at a warehouse, only to have the companion surrounded by some violent mobsters. Aesop doesn't get to flex his hero skills when he returns to the joint, getting conked out by the hickory hit-stick of a Great Bambino-admiring flunky, but Li manages to do more than okay on her own.

You can watch her crack skulls, mash mugs and then puncture jugulars with her red ribbon-adored knife set down below.

As previously reported, Skelethon drops July 10 via Rhymesayers.