Aeroplane Trio Naraja Ha

Vancouver, BC musicians JP Carter, Skye Brooks and Russel Scholberg are veterans of the improvising scene in Canada's West coast. This double release of a CD and DVD of material on the forward thinking Drip Audio label explores a diversity of form and sound, from the melodic excursions imagined by Ornette Coleman to soundscape-style musings. Carter's use of extended techniques in sculpting an improvisation based on a melodic form is seamless and compositional, as exemplified by "Luckie Loonie." Sholberg's bass work on "Rock Paper" is, to say the least, representative of both, as his bass rustles and frays in the inspired intro, and this attention to detail carries on throughout. Brooks's drumming swings heavily but doesn't shy away from exploring basic rock beats in a way that employs minimalism, yet shows a fresh approach to the form. This is great music from a great band! (Drip Audio)