Adult. Resuscitation

With Detroit being the latest scene for a rock'n'roll explosion, it's fitting that a dance duo like Adult now makes their descent into the spotlight. Combining the grit of the current rock scene and the history of their hometown's techno scene, Adult create some of the most exhilarating electro synth-pop a dance floor could ever hope for. Releasing five EPs in the past two years, married couple Adam Le Miller and Nicola Kuperus chose to release their debut as a compilation of exclusive mixes of previously released tracks and unreleased gems. Resuscitation is over an hour of hard electro beats blended with keyboard bleeps and robotic noises that compliment the emotionless vocals of Kuperus. At times, Kuperus's lyrics seem almost too ridiculous to be taken seriously, but then it hits you that they never meant to be serious at all. Songs like "Your Lies," with its tempo designed for a motorway, and the dirty, S&M-ridden "Contagious" are enough to make anyone dance around carelessly. Using humour and lots of intense energy in their music, Adult makes something serious and synthetic come across as a barrel of monkeys. (Ersatz)