Adrian Sherwood Never Trust A Hippy

To call this album "long awaited” is an understatement. Sherwood has been a pillar of dub in the UK since the late ’70s with hundreds of production credits to his name. His own label, On-U Sound, released groundbreaking records by African Head Charge, Tackhead, Mark Stewart and Prince Far I. That said, I'm not sure to whom this disc would appeal. Never Trust a Hippy is a collection of dub-wise, dancehall-inspired rhythms. Sherwood’s history with dancehall goes back to the late ’80s, and the rhythms here are better executed than on many of his previous projects. Still, these songs are not really au courant with Jamaican dancehall in 2003, nor are they laid-back enough to please the neo-roots dub lovers. Nonetheless, those who are familiar with his oeuvre will enjoy the proceedings. Unlike most Real World releases, Sherwood doesn't collaborate with loads of new musicians, but those with whom he does produce many highlights. S.E. Rogie turns up on "Dead Man Smoking" and the remix of Temple of Sound's "Paradise of Nada" is the album’s centrepiece. Above all, Sherwood’s sonic ability is paramount: 25 plus years of mixing dub gives this album a wonderful feel. No Sherwood fan should be disappointed with this, but we'll see if he wins over new converts. (Real World)