Adam Chaki No One Knows Where the Hell We Are

With songs that are soft, intricate, deeply melodic and harmonic, Bran Van 3000 alumnus and hang-around Adam Chaki is not only very hairy but - and this just might be me - rather pompous. His music is not at all bad, with complex compositions, a wide range of influences from around the globe and, at times, quite beautiful guitar plucking, but he does push the "mysterious poet-songsmith" thing a tad much. His music is passionate, melancholic, earthy and transcendental, weaving a silky and smoky breeze over a bed of guitar, strings, percussion and horns. His lyrics, sung in a low and gravely voice, are urban to the core, hip and romantic, sensitive yet tough, although they do run the risk of almost tumbling over each other; otherwise an interesting cocktail of accomplished musicianship. Look for him in desultory smoke-filled Montreal cafés looking very deep. (Independent)