Adam Bomb A-Material

Adam Bomb A-Material
"I always had a group situation to fall back on," Toronto rapper Adam Bomb noted on the song "Disconnection" off of his Live From Larstone LP with producer Big Sproxx. Between projects like the Empire, Freedom Writers and Naturally Born Strangers, we've seen and heard a lot from Adam over the past decade, but we haven't gotten a chance to know him one on one until this year.
His latest full-length, A-Material, picks up where Live From Larstone left off, focusing on a vibe that swims against the current of the glossy, emotional sound the 6 has become known for internationally. The 13-song project is strung together using clips of various standup comedians, from George Carlin to Gilbert Gottfried. As he denotes, the album is inspired by "the brilliant minds whose humour and insight changed my life."
Over cuts like "Thank God," featuring Frankie Payne, and "30 for 30," featuring T Gramz, Adam gives a glimpse into the lifestyle that he put in the past when he chose to pursue rap professionally. And his journey, which started around the new century, has been a long one; his choice to keep moving is one that, as he explains on "Therapeutic," has come with sacrifices. As the title suggests, his music has become a cathartic mechanism as he watches friends get married and have children while he continues to follow his dreams. Lead single "Furthermore," produced by iconic D.I.T.C producer Buckwild, finds Adam clapping at rappers pouring budgets into creating fake accomplishments on social media as opposed to paying actual dues.
From the storytelling of "Bills" to his wordplay on the Naturally Born Strangers posse cut "Grew Up On That," Adam Bomb puts his best foot forward on A-Material. This is the Toronto you won't hear on the radio; if you're sleeping on it, it's time to smell the Folgers. (Independent,
Riley Wallace