Actress "Ascending" / "Caves Of Paradise" / "Iwwad"

Actress 'Ascending' / 'Caves Of Paradise' / 'Iwwad'
Rising British avant-beatmaker Actress (aka Darren Cunningham) will deliver his R.I.P. LP on April 24 through Honest Jon's Records, but you can now check out a trio of new album tracks: "Ascending," "Caves of Paradise" and "Iwwad."

BBC Radio 1 DJ Benji B delivered the tunes on his show, and occasionally interrupts the playlist with some station tags and by mentioning that the songs have been making the rounds on the club circuit.

"Iwwad" features a manic pulse and some choppy soul-singer samples, and the heavenly synth patterns on "Ascending" will surely lift your spirits, but the heady, clanking beat and chill motif of "Caves of Paradise" might be the winner of the three.

Check them out below.