Actors "Like U Want 2" (video)

Actors 'Like U Want 2' (video)
Should you be so lucky, there's probably a certain someone you have that shoots some colour into your otherwise grey days. Vancouver's Actors toy with this sentimental notion in the mostly monochromatic video for "Like U Want 2," only to upend us in an attempt to show how fragile and temporary relationships can actually be.

Here, we have a protagonist happily jumping headfirst into a new, if unconventional connection. A dinner date at home has him procuring red-tipped flowers for his dolled-up, crimson-lipped amour, and ramping up the energy enough for the couple to skip dessert for an under-the-covers nibble and a sensual bath.

Shortly after singer Jason Corbett outlines the secrets we keep and "accidents between girl and boy" atop a synthy, John Hughes soundtrack-styled arrangement, we see the romance steadily deflate. Without spoiling too much, our star's attempts to breathe life back into the relationship are futile.

Equal parts quirky and crushing, you can check out the video down below. Actors issue their "Like U Want 2" single digitally March 3 over on Bandcamp.