Action Bronson Reveals 'Rare Chandeliers' Artwork and Tracklist

Action Bronson Reveals 'Rare Chandeliers' Artwork and Tracklist
Late last week, Queens hip-hop figure Action Bronson announced his upcoming, Alchemist-produced Rare Chandeliers mixtape with a gritty, grindhouse-style crime flick vid for new number "The Symbol." Now, the chef-turned-rapper has unveiled more details on the collection, from its tracklisting to its decidedly insane cover art.

The art, which you can see above, has the rhymer pairing a classy tux with some sort of wolf-skin throw, complementing his sawed-off shotgun quite nicely. Elsewhere on the cartoony cover, you'll find a kung-fu dude upper-cutting some slimebag into a wizard, an eye-patched menace elbow-dropping someone on the pavement, and a wiener-toting naked girl with a knife for a hand and her partner in crime, an alligator strapped with a machine gun.

As for that tracklist, when not spitting solo, Action Bronson shares the mic with Schoolboy Q, Roc Marciano, Styles P and Sean Price, among others. You can check the details down below.

As previously reported, the freebie mixtape drops for all us "LUCKY MOTHAFUCKAS" November 13.

Rare Chandeliers:

1. Big Body Bes Intro

2. Rare Chandeliers

3. The Symbol

4. Sylvester Lundgren (ft. Meyhem Lauren & Ag Da Coroner)

5. Randy The Musical

6. Demolition Men (ft. Schoolboy Q)

7. Eggs On The Third Floor

8. Modern Day Revelations (ft. Roc Marciano)

9. Dennis Haskins

10. Bitch I Deserve You (ft. Evidence)

11. Gateway To Wizardy (ft. Styles P)

12. Bathtub 8 (ft. Deep)

13. Blood Of The Goat (ft. Big Twin & Sean Price)

14. Mike Vick