The Acorn's Rolf Klausener Keeps On Giving

The Acorn's Rolf Klausener Keeps On Giving
While most of us were catching some much needed R&R these recent holidays, the Acorn's Rolf Klausener kept himself busy by laying down some new recordings, which he's now offering up as free holiday gifts.

The guitarist/vocalist of the Ottawa folk collective has released two EPs, titled Ear Worms and Little Elms, and is sharing free downloads of both releases here at the Acorn's website.

Via the Paper Bag site, Klausener explains:

"I woke up on the morning of December 24 with the urge to drop 12 30-second songs inspired by the myriad friendships and experiences I've been blessed with this year; it's called Ear Worms. You'll also find a short four-song EP called Little Elms that was written this fall. All told, both records should run you about ten minutes.

"I hope you enjoy this little holiday treat, as it was stupid-fun to record. Thereafter, get back to your bed, your couch and movies, your meals with loved ones, or whatever it is that makes the holidays feel like your time."

Klausener's pair of solo EPs follows a busy 2008 for the Acorn, who cashed in on the success of Glory Hope Mountain by landing a UK record deal with indie imprint Bella Union and touring the hell out of North America, as well as Europe. As for this year, the band have yet to share any of their future plans but we're assuming these two EPs mark the beginning of another busy 12 months.

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