The Acorn "Cumin" (video)

The Acorn 'Cumin' (video)
In a moment that's sure to stir patriotism in some viewers, a Canadian director has made a music video for a Canadian band using Canadian archival footage.

Hilotrons member Mike Dubue put together this clip for the Acorn's track "Cumin" from their forthcoming album Vieux Loup. The music mixes quiet, organic licks with a soft programmed rhythms. The accompanying visuals are similarly low-key, and they consist of retro-looking footage from Canadian government archives. The video shows natural landscapes and folks from decades past amidst abstract effects and colours.

"He's got a genius-level instinct for rhythm, humour, and meter, so that all comes out in his edits," the Acorn's Rolf Klausener said of Dubue's work. "They snap, go to strange places, and subtly subversive; he's a natural film editor. I said 'meditate on desire, but don't be too obvious.' And there you have it. It seemed a fitting title for a meditation on desire. It's all there in the lyrics. The song ended-up having this tampura-like drone. I founding myself Wiki'ing the spice trade, and ancient middle eastern shipping routes; I wanted the it to allude to richness, texture, aroma, etc. I don't know, there's something oddly pure and sensual about those huge, raw sacks of bold-coloured spices in a market bazaar, isn't there? Desire sometimes has a slightly dark connotation; the love-addicted, and so on. But I like the idea of desire as truth."

Watch the clip below. Vieux Loup is due out May 19 through Paper Bag Records. It's available to pre-order here.