The Acorn Blankets!

Count Rolf Klausener and the Acorn are among the most sophisticated pop-smiths this land has to offer. The Blankets! EP continues where the Pink Ghosts left off, with the Acorn coming off like a more focused, song-oriented Broken Social Scene. An inventive rhythm section spurs on intricate guitars, which are bolstered by the bubbling textures of glocks and keys on "Plates & Saucers” and the dynamic title track. Klausener’s lead vocals may sound emotive and forlorn but they belie a sly wit. Note the Clash of the Titans reference in "Sent (Awake the Kraken)” for an obvious example, or the Snailhouse-ish, open wordplay of "Books” for something more subtle. In Ottawa’s underdog, indie rock community, the Acorn’s penchant for heady, multi-layered music makes them a leading light. (Kelp)