The Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. In 0 to ∞

A decade after tackling Terry Riley's minimalist touchstone, In C, the furry fellows in AMT have decided to draw up a musical X/Y graph that covers all alphanumeric coordinates. First of the four departure points, "In 0" is a fairly standard drug rock freak-out that starts in a placid red zone and accelerates to a black space of double-time drums. "In A," conversely, is a bizarre sinkhole of vocal noises and echo delay that features the soprano wailing of returning AMT member Cotton Casino. "In Z" is the most cosmic of the four, featuring spiral arm synthesizers and flares of noisy interference that accompany an infinitely repeating guitar message to who knows where. Finally, "In ∞" returns to pick up where "In 0" left off, powered by the same rocket of percussion, proving the curvature of space. It resolves with an after burn of ecstatic guitar that is AMT's hallmark. It's an album to prescribe to those who like their Japanese space rock heavier on the space side. (Important)