Acid Mothers Temple

Have You Ever Seen The Other Side of The Sky?

BY Sacha JacksonPublished Feb 15, 2007

It is what it is. It is ultra psyched-out noise with enviable guitar solos and erotic vocals from the newest member Nao. The Japanese collective led by Makoto Kawabata, who has been reigning over the many incarnations of the "Japanoise” band since the late ’70s, pick-up where bands like Hawkwind left off. Carrying on the space rock torch with tracks like "Asimo’s Naked Breakfast: Rice and Shine” with and the sounds of a crying woman over laid with a flute solo and synth blips like those used in cartoons to denote the flight of flying saucers. "I Wanna Be Your Bicycle Saddle” is classic metal noise, fast and short with growling vocals, heavy guitar and a typically suggestive, yet somehow flattering, title. The crowning glory is the final odyssey, "The Tails of Solar Sail,” which is everything that Acid Mothers have come to be known for: experimental jamming in the psychedelic realm.
(Ace Fu)

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