Accused Murderer Cites the Slayer Defence

Accused Murderer Cites the Slayer Defence
An Augusta, ME man charged with the murder of his father was found unfit to stand trial yesterday (January 5) following a hearing that had him trying to implicate thrash group Slayer in the case.

As Central Maine reports [via Blabbermouth], Leroy Smith III's court appearance yesterday, stemming from murder charges for stabbing and dismembering his 56-year-old father, ended abruptly after the accused told the judge he was not being represented fairly by his legal team and brought up an alleged incident involving Slayer.

"With my case, they're telling me that my story is delusional grandiose of proceedings that happened, and they're not investigating it," Smith said. "The fact of the matter [is that] in 2011 I had a gun pointed to my head and was sworn to keep secret of what I am. And they refused investigating any persons that are responsible. The whole entire music group Slayer was there. I was told then that what they did was too overboard. I sent them a message on Facebook and that Jeff Hanneman, the guitarist, takes his own life. He took his own life May 5 of 2013."

After telling Smith to sit down or be removed from the courtroom, Justice Donald Marden told the accused that he would accept anything in writing through lawyers, to which Smith responded, "Then I have no fair trial."

It should be noted that an official autopsy found that Hanneman died on May 2, 2013, following a battle with liver failure. The death was listed as being alcohol-related and not suicide.

Smith allegedly stabbed his father, Leroy Smith Jr., to death on May 3, 2014, with police alleging that the accused told them he "filleted him and buried him in the woods because his dad sexually assaulted him his whole life."

According to an affidavit, interrogations had Smith saying he was God, while psychiatric evaluations said he demonstrated "acute delusional thinking."

"He had delusions that he thought he was God, grandiose delusions he was the best guitarist in the world," State Forensic Service director Ann LeBlanc said in court, adding that Smith believed thrash bands were out to kill him.

Rather than standing trial, Smith will be sent to the Riverview Psychiatric Center for for observation and treatment.

Slayer have not commented on the commented on the case.