AC/DC Show Threatens to Kill Off Species of Bird

AC/DC Show Threatens to Kill Off Species of Bird
Aussie rockers AC/DC are likely asking themselves which is going to be more dangerous, angry animal rights activists or angry AC/DC fans, as they face legal action from bird conservationists if they proceed with a planned outdoor show in Austria this coming May.

A group called BirdLife is threatening legal action against the hard rockers if they go ahead with a huge gig at Wels airport, which sold out over 80,000 tickets within hours, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Activists claim the loud volume of AC/DC's live show could irreparably disturb the nesting grounds of a rare bird called a curlew and potentially render the species extinct.

"The second biggest colony of curlews in Upper Austria and various other ground-nesting birds must not become endangered," Hans Uhl of BirdLife told the Daily Telegraph.

The curlew is an endangered species of bird found in a small number of places, one of which is the town of Wels where the concert is to take place.

Which makes us wonder why the bird advocates aren't suing the company putting on loud rock concerts near the nesting grounds, instead of big, bad AC/DC.