Abyss Accursed Followers

Many bands are inspired by old school death metal. Few have it coursing through their veins like some toxic, terminal parasite. Such just happens to be the case with Toronto, ON's Abyss, an outfit that would confuse even the most devout D-beat, grind and doom fan into thinking they had unearthed some ancient gem sorely overlooked by the world for the past three decades. A sordid blend of the genre's greatest aspects, crystallizing into an engagingly explosive experience, Accursed Followers is pure chemistry ― the natural union of early Entombed's invasive dominance adhering to Carcass's formatively primal essence and the bowel-rupturing dirge of Bolt Thrower. Just to get things going though, add some truly decadent breakdowns and searing, thrash-worthy guitar wails as an accelerant. Amplify the whole mess with a furious cover of Discharge's "The Final Blood Bath" and Accursed Followers is aural sadomasochism, a continual series of shocking, but infinitely enjoyable shots to the ears. (Independent)