ATS [Above top Secret]

"Ghost" (video)

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Nov 17, 2016

Toronto's ATS [Above top Secret] evolved out of Abstract Random and have been honing their unique mashed-up sound of rap, electro and dub-hop into a debut LP. But before that record arrives, Exclaim! has got the video premiere of their latest single "Ghost."
The track will appear on the group's forthcoming self-titled album, which is slated for a summer 2015 release and serves as an in-your-face introduction to their experimental sound. A press release describes the material as "aggressive, but therapeutic," and notes that "Ghost" specifically deals with "loss of friendships, miscommunication, frustration, and self medication."
The clip features ATS members Ayo Leilani, Tee Fergus and SunSun smoking up, spitting rhymes and showing some love for their hometown. It was directed by Fro and sponsored by Toronto collective 88 Days of Fortune, seeing the DIY group making a move "out from the underground and into bigger leagues where their images, voices, and hardcore beats have been missing."
The track was mixed by Lytes (a.k.a. Tandra Jhagroo) and produced by the group's own SunSun.

While you'll have to wait until summer for that album to hit shelves, you can check out the video premiere of "Ghost" below right now.

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