Abdominal & DJ Fase Flowtation Device

Having gradually built up their rep on the Toronto underground circuit, Abdominal and Fase have also started to get noticed across the pond in the UK. This release gathers a few of those cuts that have been garnering them notice as well as a bunch of new tracks. The duo's decidedly unconventional style contrasts Abdominal's freestyle-oriented flow with Fase's elaborate beat construction, making for some genuinely interesting results. On "Fry Antics," Abdominal's lucid and precise flow outlines a declaration of love for fast foods. Fase's deliberately layered production comes to the fore on the meticulously paced and arranged, modestly titled "The Best Posse Cut You Ever Heard." The track gradually builds momentum until it settles on a psychedelic aura for MCs like Kamau, Fatski and Arcee to negotiate through. The duo meshes their disparate styles perfectly on "Elizabeth," with Fase laying down a melodic jazzy break and Abdominal's sing-song delivery declaring love again; this time for a woman. A laid-back and, at times, humorous release, the duo brings a refreshing approach to both old and new topics. (Tune Up)