Abbath Returns with Sophomore 'Outstrider' LP

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Mar 14, 2019

After making his solo debut with a self-titled disc in 2016, ex-Immortal frontman Abbath has detailed his sophomore album.

Titled Outstrider, the album will arrive July 5 through Season of Mist. Nine tracks in length, the LP was recorded ad Norway's Dub Studios with producer Endre Kirkesola. The record features eight original songs and closes with a cover of Bathory's "Pace Till Death."

Outstrider will mark Abbath's first effort without bassist King ov Hell, who left the band last year due to conflicting views on the album's lyrical concepts. A statement from the bassist revealed that Outstrider's lyrics "are inspired by Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Gustav Jung. King finds that Jung's connection to Christian mysticism is incompatible with the image of the band."

"I wish members of the actual band, label, and crew all the best for the upcoming shows and album. The music itself is nothing short of brilliant," King ov Hell wrote in a statement. "However, I must maintain artistic integrity and respectfully step aside.'"

You can hear a short album teaser for Outstrider below. Revisit our wild interview with Abbath here.


1. Calm In Ire (Of Hurricane) 
2. Bridge Of Spasms 
3. The Artifex 
4. Harvest Pyre 
5. Land Of Khem 
6. Outstrider 
7. Scythewinder 
8. Hecate 
9. Pace Till Death (Bathory cover)

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